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We recently moved into our very first house. It’s good, and to be honest, very 1988! What does “very 1988” mean you ask? Well, the basement/lower level had wood paneling all over the walls. Actually, it’s not even wood, it’s faux wood grain paneling.

Some of you out there are smiling, either because you grew up in the house with this paneling or you bought the house with this paneling. The paneling will be painted, but probably not until the spring so we can air it out.

Now the other thing about this house is that it’s had very little in the way of  “updating.” Meaning, when we moved in it still had it’s original stove, dishwasher, and toilets (yum… 26 year old toilets!). Obviously the paneling was never updated, but there is also that beautiful popcorn texture on the walls… you know that stuff lots of builders would spray into ceilings in the 1970s and 1980s, I have it on my bathroom walls! Now, if you are unfamiliar with the popcorn texture, here’s a photo:

Isn't it pretty? Plus there's about 20 layers of paint on top...

There are a few things you have to know about this “texture,” the first is that it’s made from a few different materials (including asbestos if it’s old enough), but our is of the straight plaster variety. The next thing you have to know is that once you paint it, it is nigh IMPOSSIBLE to remove without gauging your walls or drywalling over it… Yeah, I’m not pleased with whoever created popcorn “texture.”

So now we’re entertaining estimates on removing this “texture.” We’ve have two estimates so far; both have told us that the easiest and most cost-efficient way to deal is to drywall over it. So it looks like there will be some drywalling in our future… or Iain and I will learn to drywall. Maybe we’ll teach the Buddy; after all this is his bathroom, I mean, letting a three year old mud the drywall should be fine, right?

Oooohhh, and if we figure out how to dry-wall maybe we’ll just tear the basement paneling down and then mend the walls…

Well, I’m off to watch YouTube videos about drywall… don’t you envy me?

Wall after trying to manually remove "texture"