The people who used to own our house had everything painted white before they left… everything! I think it even smells white in here! At first I kept telling myself, “Oh, we’ll wait until spring to paint, that way it won’t be too cold and I can have the windows open, and maybe the boys will stay away and actually let us paint.”

Now, we’ve been here two months, and the white walls are actually driving me slightly insane!! Everything feels sterile, and it doesn’t feel like my own! Does this happen to anyone else?

 And so begins the paint color search…

 Well it started a few weeks ago, when during a classic “Erin Moment,” I started to actually panic about the whiteness of the walls! (Yeah, it sounds crazy, but it is actually quite within my personality).  So I’ve been going out with the boys to Lowe’s and Home Depot, and casually walking around the paint section, picking up samples, getting idea books. Then I’ll go home and think about themes and which moods I’d like to convey in each room. Then I’d putz around on the computer and research “The Psychology of Color,” accent walls, and how to make one giant room feel like two separate spaces.

 While all this is going on, I started taping color swatches onto the walls of various rooms. It didn’t take long for me to cut some ideas out.

They boys bedrooms have actually been the easiest to decide on:

The Buddy – Cinderella’s Ball Gown

The Biddy – Green With Envy

 BAM! Two rooms, decided, now just find time to paint soon… I think we need some grandparents to visit us!


Then one day as I was leafing through all my colors to get some idea ready for the living room/dining room/kitchen (these are all one open room), I realized I may have too many samples…

 ImageHmmm… the bad part is I have no idea what I’m going to do with these samples now! I have tree-killing guilt! Plus these are just the discard samples, I have other samples taped to walls throughout the house. 


So none of these colors is what we’re putting on the walls in the living room… and after all these samples I’m still not sure! I’m definitely leaning towards the green family, and honestly, I don’t really want to use a neutral, I want color. 


So stay tuned… maybe someday I’ll decide, and actually paint. Hopefully tomorrow I can come to a decision… the new couch arrives, and I keep saying I’ll decide when the couch gets here! Until then it looks like I’m doomed to stay in my little self designed crazy world of color…