Has the marketing world lost all decency, or am I just old-fashioned? Weigh in!


Tonight, we received a telemarketing call at 8:56 p.m. I think this is far too late. When I answered, I politely asked the gentleman calling (spouting off his memorized script to me) what time it was. He responded with the correct time, so I informed him that he could call at another time, but since I have two kids under three years old and it’s almost 9 p.m. is far too late for us to take calls. He responded “Well, I’m not looking to talk to them, I’m looking to talk to the homeowner.”

Yeah, I then told him that we needed to be taken off their list, because I would have no use for their company in the future. To which I was hung up on.

Now his response was quick, and a little funny, but not exactly the way to win customers! Plus I was too mad about getting the call, so I don’t even know which company they were calling from! Am I antiquated in my views here? Isn’t there some kind of rule somewhere that says “the later in the evening you call people, the less likely they are to like you?”