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I know about a week has gone by and no post! Well my dear friends, and loyal readers, I had something happen to me… and her name is Sunny.

Sunny! Isn't she cute!

Since Iain and I were first married, we always wanted a dog, but a number of things always prevented us (deployments, tiny apartments, school, work, babies, etc.). So recently we’d begun again exploring the possibility of us adding another member to our family. Originally we had a “dog plan” – Akita first, then a few years later add a Siberian Husky and an Alaskan Malamute. Well given our current situation of small children, we opted to go through the rescue process, rather than start with tiny puppies that I would inevitably need to potty train. So a few weeks ago we started looking into adopting a young dog. We did some research and decided to go through Lucky Dog Animal Rescue based out of D.C. We went through their approval process, and received our approval.

When we first started considering this, we realized that the Buddy was going to have to be on board with whatever dog was going to come home with us. The Biddy doesn’t really have an opinion he just wants the dog to lick him, but the Buddy would be a little harder to please. When we were going through the approval process, we talked with our coordinator and she recommended that we meet a potential dog more than once before making a decision – this was the best advice! So we started taking them to local adoption events to get used to the idea that when we went to adoption events, we didn’t necessarily come home with a dog that day. The Buddy was getting really good at this.

We went to one event and met Sunny. She was a little timid, and a bit scared, but took to our boys immediately. She had just been spayed and arrived in D.C. from North Carolina the night before – everything was unfamiliar for her. So we walked around a bit, saw a few other dogs but kept coming back to Sunny. Her handler mentioned that our boys were the only people she would get excited for.

So we let a week pass, and Iain and I toyed with the idea of going to another event where Sunny would be. It was supposed to be a nice day, so we decided we would go check it out. (I should mention that these events take place all over the D.C. Metro area, so by us going, we were not only seeing potential dogs, but learning about new areas as well – which the boys usually love.)

We saw Sunny right away. We went over talked with her handler (who was also her foster at the time) and got to take her for a walk. We left the event not knowing if we were going to adopt her, but we knew there were other applicants for her, so we needed to make a decision quickly.

On the car ride home we talked with the Buddy and asked him what he thought. He told us, “Sunny is the perfect dog.” And the deal was set.

So the next day Sunny’s foster brought her over and left her with us after we filled out our paperwork. This first week with Sunny has been very busy and an adjustment period for all. We’ve been busy here getting everyone acclimated, so I do very much apologize for my absence. All week I kept telling Iain, “I need to blog, but I’m so tired!” Having a dog means obsessing about yet another person’s/dog’s pooping and eating habits, finding out what she likes to eat, and, most importantly, what kind of dog she is! She was labeled as a Shepherd/Labrador mix, but we think she is a Carolina Dog (or American Dingo or Native American Dog – so many names for the same animal) based on her habits and temperment. She’s very sweet with the boys and tolerates a lot from them. She hates to have her family in different rooms though, it’s a little funny at times.

Here are some more pictures so you can see our new girl!

Sunny and the Buddy - way too early in the morning!

Sunny and the Biddy - he thinks she's funny, she thinks he's bizarre.

At the end of the day, the boys have usually worn her out!


So there’s the reason I’ve been a bit M.I.A. this past week! I’m working on a bunch of new stuff though now that everyone is acclimating! See you later this week!