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So this week I’ve been focusing on tidying up a bit.

I was inspired by my darling friend Ann Marie over at White House Black Shutters. She is a sweetheart! We “met” while pregnant with our first kiddos in a What to Expect When You’re Expecting group. (Big recognition to all the April 2009 WTE Mommies out there!) Ann Marie is way crafty and an awesome DIY-er, honestly I’m not sure how she does it, but she is amazing!

Right now Ann Marie is taking part in a 40 Bags in 40 Days project that aligns itself up with Lent. The idea behind this is that we as humans tend to hang on to “things.” We like stuff. 40 Bags in 40 Days is designed to help you get rid of stuff.  She did it last year and I thought, I should do that, but at 9 months pregnant, decided against it. When it came around this year, I realized that I’ve been clearing out a lot of stuff recently while unpacking, but not tracking it. Honestly, I just needed to get some organization going since we’re in the new house now, not everything needs to stay in its 20 gallon plastic tub (seriously, I have over 20 of those tubs, some still not unpacked because they’re not the right season of stuff and I just haven’t gotten to it yet). Here is a link to Ann Marie’s 40 Bags in 40 Days post, it’s totally awesome and I would be full on in, if I was remotely unpacked enough to find stuff. So this year I’m Unpacking and Unloading 40 Boxes in 40 Days.

Definitely check out Ann Marie at White House Black Shutters and keep reading for my 40 Boxes/Rooms/Bags in 40 Days.

So given that Lent starts on Ash Wednesday (which was last Wednesday), I’ll run down a quick list of where I am so far!

Day One: PLAYROOM – Boxed up toys, cleared out for the great toy rotation. 🙂

Day Two: OFFICE- Get a desk for me, and assemble. The Buddy got to take a trip to IKEA for this, which is his favorite store.

There he is, in his favorite IKEA chair... one day Buddy, one day it shall be yours!

Day Three: Laundry Room – Clear out some tubs. Yup those 20 gallon tubs, cleared some out. Listed some items on Craigslist. Kitchen Canisters – sold. Blackout curtains – for sale. Desk that matches nothing – sold. Current profit $85.

Day Four: Kitchen – Made a Coupon Organizer and a Take Out Menu Organizer. I’ll post a tutorial this weekend. Really quick to do, and has really helped out the massive piles of menus and seemingly always expired coupons.

Day Five:  Guest Room – Because the guest room is on the main floor, and has the largest closet in the house, I’ve been using it to store the boys art supplies and toys on rotation. However, it was in desperate need of some organization, so the Buddy and I started by washing some old yogurt tubs (I buy the big tubs because my kids LOVE yogurt, and we’ve been saving them) and painting them so they’re pretty. You know because maybe a guest might need to hang something in the giant closet and seeing row after row of used yogurt tubs filled with paintbrushes, and pom poms, and glue is just not very attractive; just as the current state of plastic ziplock bags full of supplies is also not attractive. I’m hoping maybe the paint will help. This project will be revisited later in the 40 Days.

The Buddy painting his yogurt container...it takes focus!

Day Six: Living Room/Dining Room/ Kitchen – BUY PAINT! Yes, I did it. I bit the bullet and bought paint; five gallons of paint! What color did I choose?  Geranium Leaf. Yup, it’s green. I think it’s going to work, and I honestly really hope it does because I can’t return the five gallons of paint I just bought! Now this may not seem like clearing any clutter, but I consider this cleansing because I just needed to decide and be able to move on. I kept thinking of other things to do, and I was starting to contemplate buying decorative things before painting, and that was just going to get me more stuff that I wasn’t going to use, and would need to sell on Craigslist later. I saved myself by buying the paint! (Although, we haven’t started painting yet.)

Day Seven: Bedroom – sorted through some clothing tubs, not glamorous, not really fun, but needed to be done.

Day Eight: Office – Desk Transfer. Since Iain went out a month ago and picked up my giant FREE crafting desk, I have been using it for bills and blogging, and not really for crafting, since it was the only flat surface (other than the ironing board in the bedroom) to have my computer and all our bills and whatnot. So tonight, I am transferring the “home finance hub” onto the new desk that has been built for a week, just sitting over there longing to be used. Perhaps if there is time, I may even set up my sewing machine on the craft desk, and sort through the crafting drawers that all got thrown together.

The next time we talk, I will be writing to you from my beautiful new MICKE desk, overlooking the playroom, and probably a sleeping Sunny, who has decided that the playroom couch is hers until we take her to bed.

Goodnight all!