It’s been a rough week, the stomach bug is no fun when it takes its time working through your whole family. So I must apologize for my absence, but other than needing some sleep, and a significant dent in my cleaning supply stash, all has mostly returned to normal.

As some of you know, we recently moved to Northern Virginia, just barely past the D.C. Metro area. We’ve been here since December and I can honestly say that we have made no friends.


Well, at first, it was that we were still getting settled. This statement holds truth still. But the other day it was gorgeous out and while the Biddy was napping the Buddy and I were outside. I was cleaning up our planting project, when the Buddy went off and started playing by himself. When I looked over at him, I was instantly sad for him, and for me.

See, I love people. I’m an extrovert, I get this from my father. Anyone who’s met my father can attest; the man can’t go anywhere where he doesn’t know someone, its kind of amazing, we’ve been on vacations thousands of miles from home, and he’ll still know someone! My Dad and I have that quality about us where we can strike up conversations with people anywhere.

The Buddy and his Pepere (my Dad)

So as I sit here now, in the Buddy’s bed, with him asleep, I keep thinking of how can we make friends. Our neighborhood is nice, but other than one of our immediate neighbors, no one has introduced themselves, or even come out of their houses! Not even the people in charge of the Homeowners Association (although we did get the bill). We were out walking with the boys and Sunny and three Mom’s and their gaggle of children stopped to say hi to Sunny and not a one introduced themselves to us! Clearly they live in the neighborhood, and as I was about to introduce us, they hurried off. Is this our society now? People stay in their homes, date on the internet, and just barely peek out their windows when something happens outside! How do people live life in a “virtual world,” don’t other people need human contact? Or are we just strange people who no one wants to talk to?

Sunny starts dog training tomorrow and I’m really hoping there’s another family with a dog there just so we can meet people.

It may sound strange, but I’ve been looking into play groups too, and I’m so afraid of going to one! I don’t know if it’s because I’m afraid to meet people or afraid of other parents judging me (because parents do). That’s such a sad statement to write down! I’m scared of going to a play group because of the other parents? I’m sure the Buddy would love it, but I have to get the energy to look into them, find one locally, and get the boys there. I can do this, and I will, but the task just seems daunting sometimes. Maybe it’s just because I’m so exhausted this week.

We’re here alone, just our little family group. The closest family we have is still at least a days drive away. The guys Iain works with are all single guys, computer guys at that, and they all live in more “trendy” areas,  so there’s no real socializing outside of work for him there, and that also makes me sad! I’m home with the boys, and since we’re still in the process of getting our house budget settled, we’re not planning on enrolling them in any daycare/pre-school programs right now, although I am looking for some sports activities for the Buddy.

We’re lonely I think, and it’s starting to take its toll. Has anyone out there ever experienced this? Moving somewhere and knowing no one? I would love some direction here!

On a more positive note, my Mom booked her ticket here to visit us! In less than two weeks she’ll be here, and that makes my heart lighter! She’s so excited to see the boys and I’m excited to see her!

Well, it’s time for bed here, we’re all still trying to catch up after the past week’s plague!