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This week, we’ve been spending lots of time cleaning, organizing, and crafting. It’s been absolutely beautiful out too, so we’ve spent most of our days outside. However, we did manage to put together a super cute and CHEAP wreath for the front door!

This particular wreath is a mash-up of a bunch of different wreaths on Pinterest. Search wreaths on Pinterest and you’ll get a ton of hits. However, when I went to link this post to one of my boards, I realized, I never pinned any wreaths, so I must have just seen them from other people, woops. :\

So here’s what you’ll need:

1 twiggy wreath ($4.99 @ Michaels)

1 package paper mache eggs ($2.99/6 @ Michaels)

1 package clippy butterflies ($1.99/3 @ Michaels)

1 wooden letter for you last name initial ($1.99 @ Michaels)

Acrylic paint (I have a ton always, so this was no cost to me)

Paint brushes

Hot glue gun with glue

I never go to Michaels without a coupon, but if I had to pay full price for everything this would total about $12, which is still less than similar wreaths that are pre-made would cost. With my coupons, it cost me about $7.

The Buddy is ready to paint, and the Biddy wants to paint too!

80% of this wreaths assemblage time comes from painting and waiting for the paint to dry. So choose your colors, and get started.

Note: I had acrylic paints already, but they were mostly in primary colors, so we added some white and voila we had pastels!

We painted our letter a minty green, since green is pretty much our family's favorite color.

The Buddy wanted to paint the letter first, he was so happy to paint that letter!

"Here Momma, you hold this egg, and I will paint it."

As time went on, he decided he was getting a little too messy for his liking, and had me hold the egg while he painted it. Yup… My hands were covered in paint. But it was worth it.

When we were about halfway through painting the eggs, Iain came over and started to get a little picky about the shading of my homemade pastel colored paints… so we handed him a brush. (Meanwhile the Biddy is happily playing with the sliding screen door in the background).

When you try to micro-manage Dad, you end up painting too.

Once everything is painted let it dry. It only took one coat to cover the eggs. I wasn’t too picky about imperfections either, since the wreath is usually viewed from a little bit of a distance. (Note: I wasn’t sure how many eggs I was going to use, so we painted 12 eggs, but only used 5 on the wreath).

Let them dry...

Once they dried, I thought they were missing something, so I added light brown flecks all over each egg so they’d look speckled. Much cuter, and almost identical to Cadbury Mini Eggs, yum!

Now since each twiggy wreath is going to be different, you have to play around with the egg and letter placement. Once you figure out where you want your eggs, just get your hot glue gun, and glue everything into place and let dry. Now I have clippy butterflies on my wreath, but I didn’t hot glue them on, I just clipped them to some of the smaller twigs.

And there you have it! Super easy, quick to do, and very festive!

Ta-dah! Now that it's up, I think I want to paint the door something other than white, oh my.

Honestly, since we’ve hung it, I feel like we live here more. I feel like I can take ownership in the house a little more. Although that could also be because I planted some plants, and Iain mowed the front lawn… but our house is looking more inhabited everyday!