Hi All! I know its been a while, but we’ve been busy outside, and then we had a visitor (MY MOMMY!), so I’ve been busy, busy, busy! More posts on the outside stuff to come, but right now, I need some help!

So we have a split level home. Very 1986. The door was replaced not long before the house was put on the market, and it’s a plain, basic, white front door. I hate it! I don’t know what it is, but I hate a white door! Maybe it’s that it feels unwelcoming?

So here’s my dilemma. Our budget does not allow me to replace the whole door. Nor can I replace the aluminum siding on the house, or the trim. So the colors of the house have to stay that way for now (I also don’t like them). While my budget doesn’t allow me to redo everything, it can allow me to paint my front door!

Now here’s the problem… what color do I paint the door?

Here’s a photo of the house:

In all its 1980s glory.

Sorry for the picture quality, it’s the best I could get! I feel like the white door, just isn’t welcoming, it’s stark, and industrial.

You can’t see it, but the roof is brown. Shutters are burgundy, trim is white, and the house is an orangey cream with brick on the lower portion.

So here are the samples I came out of Home Depot with:

All the samples...

Once I put the samples up, I realized all the yellows were wrong, so I pulled them off and was left with the browns/reds:

The survivors...

I wish my camera would have caught these better!

Now I’m stuck deciding… so do I go with a truer brown (2 on the left and middle), or a redder brown (the 2 on the right)? Or do I just leave the door white, and suck it up?

Help me! Tell me what you think!

EDIT @ 3:00 p.m.:

So, we went out and found some more colors. The overwhelming vote was for a reddish door, so here are five reds to choose from:

Five reds...all in a row. (please disregard the dirty house...I'll be cleaning up soon!)


These are all the closest I can find to the shutters. From left to right they’re as follows:

1. Glidden – Sweet Tea (this is the upper right hand sample in the earlier photos)

2. Martha Stewart Living – Chocolate Cosmos

3. Martha Stewart Living – Kiln

4. Behr – Cinnamon Cherry

5. Behr – Sly Fox

The first three are more brown, the last two more red. None is a perfect match to the shutters, but they’re all really close. So any new thoughts?