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It was gorgeous here two weeks ago, and I was all about being outside and doing yard work! One of the first things I wanted to do was replicate the Back Door Herb Garden I found on Pinterest, originally designed by The Vintage Wren.

My finished herb garden!

So off to Home Depot I went! And a bonus, I got to go to Home Depot ALONE! Iain was awesome enough to keep an ear out for the boys while they were napping and I got to go and spend far too much money at Home Depot.

So for this project I bought three galvanized steel tubs, each to fit inside the other. The two big ones I bought at Home Depot, but the small one on the top-tier, that one came from the clearance bin at Target because it had a shamrock on it, leftover from St. Patrick’s Day.  (I should add that buying these three tubs was still cheaper than buying similar items already assembled, or a tall planter box designed for use outside.)

Garden tubs

The Biddy loves dirt!!! These are my tubs.

Then I had Iain punch holes in the bottom of each for drainage, while I got everything else together.

See? Drainage holes. 🙂

After that I began to fill the largest tub with dirt, potting soil. It took about two, 2 cubic feet bags to fill all three tubs.

Seriously, he loves dirt!

Then I filled it until I thought it was probably the right depth to put the next bucket in. I put my buckets in towards the corner of my deck because I knew I wouldn’t be able to rotate the big one so everything gets enough sun. So the two smaller buckets are pushed to the back of the previous bucket, so there’s more useable space.

Big bucket with dirt, figuring where to put the next one.

Before I fully filled the other two buckets, I played around with the spacing of the plants, depending on whether the herbs tend to grow vertically or more horizontally.

Figuring out the spacing was probably the most time-consuming part.

Once you get your design/spacing set, and fill the tubs with dirt, then go ahead and plant, then water.


So what’s in my herb garden?

The largest tub has: Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, and Parsley (left to right)

The middle tub has: Pineapple Sage and Sage (left to right)

The top tub has: Cilantro

You can see to the right of the herb garden there are two plants. One is Stevia (a new plant for me, I’ve never grown it before). The other is Spearmint. I love using mint but it can take over everything in your garden if you’re not careful, so I always put it in its own pot.

Also to the left of the herb garden you can see my impromptu seed starting greenhouses (a.k.a. clear plastic tubs with drainage holes). My seeds are growing great, and there will be a post on that soon too!

Have you done anything in your garden yet?