This week I have been preoccupied a little bit. My mind has been wandering, and I’ve been realizing more and more that I am a “thinker.” I love to think. This often takes place within my head only, but it also takes place in conversation. I talk my way through things.

I’ve been noticing this since the Buddy has begun talking a lot more, and making more sense, and developing deeper connections through things. He may also be a “thinker” like me.

He likes to talk through his day. His newest fascination is “what comes after…”

“Momma, what comes after breakfast?”

“Mom, what comes after getting dressed?”

“Mommy, what comes after groceries… lunch… nap… snack…dinner… outside… teeth (brushing)… stories… bed…”

His mind is constantly going… and not just in that “your brain is always working” science class way. He makes decisions, judgements, observations all day, every minute. He’s never not processing something. This is especially evident at bedtime. Even though his body is tired (he gets clumsy, like me), his brain is still going full speed.

The Buddy will be three at the end of the month. Wow, three. It’s hard to believe. Now most pediatricians and mothers will tell you that by age three, your kiddos should really be putting themselves to sleep, without you in the room. However, since we’ve noticed that part of the Buddy’s unwinding process is to talk some things out and eventually let his mind relax, we’ve found it’s easier for everyone if  Iain or I (we alternate nights) stays in the room with him until he falls asleep. Again, this is not the recommended practice, but it is what works for the Buddy, and in turn for us.

He's so sweet once his mind slows and he rests!

Honestly, I think this just speaks to knowing your kids. We do not think that the Biddy will be like this, as even now at one he sometimes just wants us to leave him alone, he’s a bit more independent than the Buddy was. And that’s okay too.

The Biddy will fall asleep wherever, whenever!

Iain and I look at this extra time with the Buddy as just more time to bond, knowing that one day he’s not going to want us anywhere near him. 🙂 It may make us tired, or even annoyed that we’re not getting something else done, but then we just try to remember what our priorities are. Are we more concerned with facebook, Pinterest, crafting, work, gaming, laundry, etc. than we are with our kids?

We hope not, and so we always choose to stay with the Buddy a little longer…