So I am working on a big garden post for this weekend, but since it’s almost tomato time I thought I would give you just a quick taste.

We took the boys to Home Depot a few weeks ago because we needed to get some final things for the garden. As we were walking around the garden department the Buddy spotted the tomato cages. Now there were two kinds on display – the regular metal ones and the plastic coated ones that came in all kinds of pretty colors. Naturally, he wanted the colored ones. So without really thinking we went up to check out… $8.00 each cage! What?! No way! So we got out of line. I needed at least 4 cages, and $8.00 seemed a bit steep to me.

After a bit of quick thinking, we figured there was no reason why (if all we really wanted was the color not necessarily the extra protection) we couldn’t just spray paint them.

(Now I know some of you are going to start telling me about how I need the magic coated ones, but hey, sometimes my budget wins.)

Now I knew the regular cages were about $4 locally. So I told the buddy that instead of getting those cages we were going to make our own – making things usually works for him, so off we were to the paint section. He chose two colors, with a little help from me, since he wanted two cans of the same color and I wanted some variety.

Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch in Sun Yellow and Grape.

So, stick cages in ground and spray paint!

I was not exact in my painting – I just wanted the color, so the bottom of the cage that’s in the ground and the undersides are not fully painted. Also we chose a spot of the yard to spray paint in that hadn’t yet been seeded for grass. 🙂

Sun Yellow cages in one garden bed with the tomatoes and bell peppers…

and the Grape cages in the other bed with the squash, zucchini, and basil.

These photos are from a couple of weeks ago… these tomato plants are now enormous! I can hardly see the cages anymore!

So a quick cheap fix, that adds just a touch of color to the garden space. I like it, and it works!

More on the garden coming soon!


NOTE: Although we have had no issues, Iain just reminded me that these cages are most likely galvanized steel, and “the internet” says that the paint may flake off. So far (after almost 2 months) we have had no issues with the paint coming off, they look just like they did at the start… just with way more tomato plant in them! 🙂